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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

*** The BBC Visit in 2010 ***

In early Feb 2010 I was actually preparing an email saying that the BBC could visit about May or June, when the phone went and I was asked if the BBC could visit in two days time ( oh! my Gawd ) But Roger said ok and so we went for it. Polly Evans and the Camera man put up with the cold room and eventually Flossie performed enough to be filmed. The show went out about the 18th of February and the BBC did us proud, with a midday slot and an evening slot. The final edit was careful to remove a lot of our prepared Computer Conservation Society propaganda, but was very kind to the project and presented the work in a true light under the History of the World banner.
Here are some shots from the show !

A Snapshot from the Show with Part of Flossie in the background and a modern laptop and Polly in the foreground.

So Many thanks to the BBC and Stephen George for making this happen, also thanks to Polly for brightening a dull Feburary Day !
A short gallery from the day follows, these have been extracted from video of the event so the quality may be somewhat limited.

Getting the machine ready on the day, and soon after we had the covers off !

The restoration work continues, even on a visitors day.

A chance for our visitors to discuss Flossies GEC design features.

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