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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.
Bringing Computing History back to Life
Flossie, is currently the oldest original 2nd Generation Electronic
Stored Program Computer in the UK and it is her
60th Year.

A Working Group of the Computer Conservation Society, Since March 2009

And Hosted at TNMOC since 10th Oct 2013, progress is shown below.

An Oldwuzzark Production
Greetings to all the little Acorns, however far away you may be.

May 2022 Edition.

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So what is News in this 2022 Edition!

The National Museum of Computing is holding events and has marked the 60th year of this system.
In a new Virtual World model which looks like FUN.

On April 30th Join in person or Virtually to mark the 60th anniversary of the ICT1301 with the launch of a virtual, 3D, interactive and immersive experience.

Book here on Eventbright:-

Below is a simple progress indicator for visitors to assess the current state of the project at TNMOC.

Progress to plan - + Planned Activity + --: Date of Event :- Information/link
System Available for public Viewing* TBA *-:-
System Demos Start* TBA *-:-
Mag Tape System Running* TBA *-:-
System CPU Running* TBA *-:-
System Fault Finding* TBA *-:-
System First Power Up* TBA *-:-
System re-installation at TNMOC* TBA *-:-
System moved to TNMOC* TBA *-:-
System asigned a space at TNMOC* TBA *-:-
Damage Repairs Started * TBA *-:-
Damage assesment Started* TBA *-:-
Software Recovery Started 19_Apr_2015-:-
Delivery to TNMOC Store15_Oct_2013Delivery Page
System Taken Away25_Feb_2013Rescue
System Rescue04_Feb_2013Rescue
System Switch Off06_Dec_2012Switch Off
Project Progress after 2012 above.
See the rest of this site for the 2003 to
2013 project period.

Since the spring of 2003 when the project started, ( and even the majority of 2002 whilst we planned what could be done ). The ict1301 project was run at Buss Farm. This has now changed and the machine has moved to a new home, visit us often to find out the latest news now the machine has arrived.

The resulting media coverage has resulted in a swamp of new contacts so if we have not got back to you yet,
remember we are just two people trying to run all of this. Be patient and we will respond to all of you who wish us well.
Supporters Page

Does any visitor have any information about the PF56 ?
As used on the 1900 Series. If so the 1900 Project needs to know.
Or email this project and we will pass it on.

For more News check out the following links by clicking below.

The 1301 Prog Ref Manual and
Initial Orders Manual are available along
with many other manuals here.

We still have a page for the GEC factory days in the 1960's.

Feel free to email the project by clicking the spinning logo below,
wherever you see it on the Site.

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