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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

*** Computer Conservation Society Visit ***

The computer conservation society visited today and I am afraid the Machine
was less than well behaved.

It was a cold november morning and the machine just did not want to run. However it was a chance to show the other working party teams where we had got to after over three years work.

After many kind words and a good lunch, we returned to find that the machine now wanted to run after most of our visitors had left !

We were presented with some gifts from the other teams, and the wire wrapping items John Harper ( Leader of the Bombe rebuild Project ) gave us will prove invaluable over the years to come.

Many Thanks to you John! and we hope you enjoyed the day, and wish you all good luck with the ongoing Bombe rebuild.

Thanks go to everybody for the travel they did on the day to make this happen, we are planning more open days as the work allows ! So check out this site for more news of the ICT 1301 resurrection project !

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