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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

*** Computer Conservation Society Visit 12th May 2009 ***

Our thanks go to all who drove long distances today to visit darkest Kent, and to join in the visit of Bruce McMillan and his wife
at the 1301 project.

People in order from Left to Right:-
Hamish, Bruce, John Harper, Bruce ( wife ), Dr Hartley, Roger Holmes.

We hope everyone found something of interest during the day. And it was nice to have visitors who understand the basics of what we are trying to achieve. Both Roger and myself did enjoy the the day and the very good company of all who visited.

Thanks also to John Harper for the Feed rolls and Punch Knife assembly to help us to maintain the elderly Card Punch. Spares which are now unique and very rare indeed. Thanks also to Tony Russell for donating a pristine copy of the engineers primary technical reference book.
Of special interest to the project, are the photo's of items which Dik Leatherdale brought along. One of the periodic but vital role's played by Flossie was the printing of General Certificate of Education pass marks, and the Certificates themselves.
Printed a mere 45 years ago Dik allowed us to photograph these memenento's for the project.

On condition that nobody peeks at the actual results ( as if we would ? )

A short gallery from the day follows, these have been extracted from video of the event so the quality may be somewhat limited. My appologies if I was a little less than sociable with the committee of the CCS as I was trying to capture this video of the day as well as drive some of the happenings. One very notable comment was from Dr David Hartley, who drove down on the day guided by GPS, as he had never driven to the project before.
After the demo and the day David commented that in memory of the event he would in future call his GPS ' Flossie ' .
Thank you for the compliment David !

Bruce starting the machine on the day, and soon after he had the covers off !

A chance for some of our visitors to discuss Flossies GEC design features.

When ' At last ' we got the demo up and running, the standard comment is
Boy but that's noisy !

We were able to thank Bruce and David on the day for visiting us and for extending
the offer of Working Group status to the project in 2009.

Thank you everyone who visited, it was a good day !

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