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*** Erik Baigar Visit in 2010 ***

On the 16th of April we had a visitor from Overseas, Erik Baigar arrived for a few days to see many sights in UK with a bias to computing. After going to Bletchly Park and the Science Museum in London we were proud to be included in his busy schedule. So on that Friday I met Erik, Terry Foggatt and Val in the computer room, Erik at that moment was trying to work out how to return to Europe as the Icelandic Volcano had stopped all flights.

People in order from Left to Right:-
Rod, Roger, Erik, Terry, and Val.

Rod and Roger trying to get Flossie up and running on the day.

Now the question is how did Erik get home ? We can confirm that after about 24 hours travel, involving the ferry and many changes of train. Erik indeed got back despite the Volcano's best efforts to keep him here in UK.

Great to have met you Erik, hope you liked your special day ! and my wife loved the chocolate, thank you !

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