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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

Past Events

*** The Public Open Day.***

*** July 17th 2011 ***

Click here for a short Video for PC ( about 25mb )

Visitors on the day !

2011 Open Day Summary !

So the 17th of July dawned bright and sunny and at 06:30 I was underway to the project, I was in time to set-up the open day facilities and establish the Gazebo outside the events open doors for the day.
This was completed in the nick of time as the forecast rain did arrive, however visitor numbers were good and in what seems like a whirl of a day, many new contacts have been forged.
Special thanks for the day go to Stuart Fyfle and Olwen for driving from Salisbury and making the day run smoothly, also visitors of note for the day were Brian Spoor and Lorna who made the journey from Devon to see the event. Lorna was seen to take over some of the questions at front of shop from visitors and we appreciated your help. Brian also delivered several boxes of paper tapes and teletype rolls, a most welcome gift Brian. Also Delwyn Holroyd made the trip and we had a chance to talk and compare notes between the 1301 project in Kent and the 2966 project running at Bletchley park.

Further special visitors were John Rose who I had not seen for some considerable time, John was brought back by his wife who found us last year, nice to meet up again John.

Another notable visit on the day was from Peter Ling his wife and some of the grandchildren, and this is what we love to see, children goggling at the size of the machine and being able to experience the spectacle of such a machine running and on public display.

Peter has donated a 1302 Console which will be covered on this site in another page soon.

Further special thanks go to Peter for donating the 1302 Console he has kept safe all those years and the 1302 manuals which we are now going to crawl through to discover more about this very rare gem in ICT/ICL's history.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day and next year it's the 50th year of the machine so we need to start planning that very soon now.

We estimate we demonstrated flossie to over 215 visitors, ( based on evidence from a time lapse recording camera ) The day was quite warm with more than a few showers, which helped to keep the machine cool and I suppose made some of our visitors run for cover and enter the display area.

However the lady did us pround and ran the demo delivering many hours of running and interest for the visitors, we powered her down at the end of the day knowing that the years of work had been worthwhile.

Talking to those who recognised the Mainframe period is always fun.

Many thanks to John Edwards for the donation of this
026 key punch, the device was enjoyed by several young
children on the day, as well as the owner of Flossie, Roger Holmes!

Some card boxes were also donated and these are always usefull, we thank you !

A big THANK YOU goes out to all our helpers on the day! including the Marathon driving by Stuart and Olwen and of course to the Owner Roger.

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