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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

Past Events

*** The Power Down Event 6th Dec 2012 ***

Click here for the latest public open day Video ( about 13mb )

The machine all tidied up for the Open Day !

The 2012 Power down Open Day event Summary !

This was our last chance to show the machine in a fully working state before the big switch off prior to relocating the system and getting it working again. This may take some time so unlike other years this was not the start of a period of hibernation this was a last chance to run to a selected audience of Hardware and Software engineers.

We had taken a gamble that the temperature was going to let us run the machine at all and the window of opportunity was between 11:00 hrs to 15:00 hours on the 6th Dec 2012!

About eleven hardy individuals made the trip and we hope they all enjoyed the day .

Mike and his friend braved the cold on the day.

Malcolm Guest and his sons enjoying the day

Alan Watts ex-Senate House with Stuart Fyfe.

Classic pose from Stuart Fyfe.

The day went well and the temperature was kind, aided by a set of overnight heaters, to ensure we got to the critical minimum temperature. But the old lady ran well and put in another three and a half hours of running. All visitors enjoyed the day and if this was the last time she was to run for a while the machine did well !

At 15:12 hrs Roger did the Deed and the machine was powered down for the last time !

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