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The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project.

The Roll Of Honour

The List of people below have helped this project since its inception

Thanks go to contributors so far:- "Roll of Honour"

Eddie, Phil Littlechild,
J.Prockter, James Boyle
Bruce Chalmers, Chris White
John McGarel, Dave Wilson, Tom Davis, Peter Vigar
Mike Trueblood, who invites you to visit " Mike's Home Page"
Stuart Fyfe and Andy Keene of Galdor ( former owners Of Flossie )

And to our suppliers of Parts for this project, only ever the best mentioned !
The Computer Junk Shop
an Ebay trader who delivers a First Class " Gold Standard " Service,
Dont let the Name fool you, this Ebay seller delivers only the best vintage components.

Without your help this project could not have continued.

We have also been cheered on by :-

Mike Curley, Mike Milsom
Alan Tubbs, Nigel Howarth,
Brian Spoor See his 1900 site
Pat Taylor, who did testing of the 1301's in stevenage.
and spent time as a programmer in Putney.

Bill Sheperd who remembers Putney in the 1300 and the 1500 days.
Chris Rowbotham, and also John Stannard who worked around the Lincoln area.
Paul France who worked for Hawker Siddeley (Aviation) in North Manchester.
Ian Snowdon who worked on 1301's over 38 years ago but still remembers how
to start the system, after all this time.

Len Arrowsmith, who did debuging of the early machines and was responsible for
end of production line testing in coventry.

Jim Biggin, who has his own story on the programmers page
Worth a read, I assure you.

Professor Anthony Davies worked in the GEC factory where the early machines were made.
He has sent us some great recollections from those days, which we have placed on the
new GEC page.

Harold Cloutt, who programmed both the 1301 and did some work on 1302.
He spent those years with MPBW ( now PSA ) and is still active to this day,
as chair of the VME users group ( AXiS ). Many thanks for your contact about 1302.

Royce Smith
From NSW in furthest Australia, who has completed work on an
MPL-2 Interpreter for the PC to run old and recovered source code on.


Keith Lightfoot
Self Confessed Computer Geek from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Keith has sent us some first class Remenisences.

Ron Bird who has contacted us from Melbourne Australia who worked for ICT from 1960
to 1963 in Australia, and also on the first 1301 in Australia which was installed at
Cadbury’s in Claremont Tasmania in 1962. There were other 1301’s installed in Australia
that included Rothman Sydney, WD & HO Wills Sydney, CSR (Colonial Sugar) Qld, Queensland
United Foods (Pauls) Qld. Nice to hear from you Ron !

Also from Marion Clarkson, who programmed a quite special version of a 1301 at London and Manchester, round holed card Punch, 1/4 inch magnetic tape and a special in the form of a round holed "Interstage" card reader giving 160 columns.
Also Tricia Gaines who worked as a programmer for the London and Manchester from
1963 to 1967 programming the ICT1301 and then again from 1974 to 1976 programming the
IBM System 4. Now Tricia (Hempsall since 2007!)
Tricia wonders if Marion remembers her from then ?

Alex Black has found our website and as a 1300 programmer from 1964-5 is
busy assembling some remenisences to share with us.

And a special thank you to Trevor Chapman.

We have also been contacted by Frank Moony who was a Leo Computer Engineer,
but still wishes us well. And in 2009 by
Frank Land. Chairman of the LEO Foundation.
To learn a little about the history of the Leo, follow this link
"Leo Information Web Site"

We have been contacted by Bill Foote, who was responsible for finalising the
"Initial Orders Software"
This is the bootstrap program, which was kept on the Drum and the intelligence that got tthe 1301 loading and running programmes.

Dik Leatherdale who briefly met an early 1301 at Brighton Tech.
before starting on Atlas - first at Manchester then the one at Gordon Square
and John Harper.

We thank John for his visit in 2005 and his donation to the project of valuable wire wrapping equipment.
John is busy with the Bombe rebuild project at Bletchly Park.

And now a special mention to all who worked on the machine with the owner before the project

List supplied by Roger

Owen Holmes:-
Who gave up the model railway, helped dismantle and move both Arthur and Flossie,
then reassembled them, re-wrapped (with me) Arthur as a basic machine, and re-soldered
(with me) Flossie's inter-rack connections and assisted debugging Flossie's hardware?

Richard Toft:-
Who helped debug Flossie later on and patched the roof to keep the water from
flooding onto Flossie, and his brother Roger Toft who repaired the generator several
times to keep Flossie in electricity, and with his brother laid the three phase supply
from the workshop into the computer room.

My elder brother Allan
Who repaired the valve oscilloscope for me so I could continue debugging.

All the chaps who helped me move the three machines from London to Kent.

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wherever you see it on the Site.
Messages to any of the above will be forwarded

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